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You can email Norman Megill at "nm at alum period mit period edu" with "at" and "period" replaced by the corresponding characters.

Your first email should include "Metamath" in the subject to add you to my spam filter's whitelist.

Unfortunately, MIT has its own aggressive pre-filter that sometimes blocks valid emails as spam and that I can't disable. To guarantee that I will receive your email until I add you to their whitelist, you can also contact me via =nm (which is my permanent i-name). Include your email address inside your message, because otherwise I will have no way to contact you.

When possible, I prefer plain text email (not HTML formatted).

For gmail.com users

As of September, 2018, Google seems to have put me on some kind of blacklist and has been bouncing many of my emails to gmail.com as spam. The following procedure to add me (nm at alum dot mit dot edu) to gmail's white list seems to have solved the problem in one case:

How to Setup a Whitelist in Gmail

I would recommend doing that if you email me from a gmail address (and want a response).

My postal address is:

Norman Megill
19 Locke Lane
Lexington, MA 02420-2706

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